Artisan Inspiration: Air Friend

AirFriend is a small shop in L.A. where magic happens with air plants. You can find all kinds of gold dipped crystal air plant, air plant holder, air planter, air plant terrarium, boho decor, office desk accessories, air plant gift for best friend, long distance boyfriend gift, long distance friendship gift, birthday gift, wedding favor, bridesmaid gift, engagement favor and much more!

Fairy Garden plants, Moss Covered Quartz Crystal Air Plant

This moss covered quartz crystal miniature fairy garden looks so adorable with a live air plant! The whimsical look of this air plant crystal garden makes this a cute desk accessory, rustic shelf decoration, or a woodland gift for that nature lover!

Growing air plant is fun and easy! You don’t need a green thumb to keep your plant healthy and beautiful. Air plants do not need any soil. They thrive on some filtered sunlight, good air circulation, and a couple misting a week. They make wonderful indoor houseplants and add a vibrant touch of green to your fairy garden, mini garden, or forest themed home decor collection.

Air plant is also known for its amazing ability to remove toxic agents in air. This rustic decor can double as a natural air purifier while adding a touch of green to your space. Quartz crystals have long been associated with balance, inspiration, positive energy, and healing.



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