Would you like to be featured? Would you like to have your handmade product showcased to thousands of followers? Would you like to share how your product is made?

Handmade Around the Globe offers many opportunities to showcase your handmade product(s) to thousands of followers around the Globe. We love supporting the handmade community by sharing their unique creativity.

Paid Instagram

Instagram Feature– On Instagram, we look for visually appealing products and businesses that match our niche to share on our page. More details here.

Blog Features

  1. Artisan Inspiration– A general overview of your business and include 4-5 products of your choice.
  2. Artisan Spotlight– What’s your story? Answer a few short interview questions about your business and your process. Copy and paste questions from here.
  3. Guest post– We are always looking for artisans that span the Globe to contribute to our blog. Each author/contributor will be recognized for their contribution.
  4. Handmade Inspiration –  handmade products from the web curated by Handmade Around The Globe based on theme, color, inspiration etc.

What to do from here?

Decide which feature option you prefer and email; We will respond to your email within 48hrs with feature date and details.


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A platform for handmade artisans, crafters around the Globe to be featured and showcase their unique handmade creations

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