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Original, Vintage & Rare Maps on Canvas by Seaphloor

SEAPHLOOR is a geography obsessed company based out of Columbus, Ohio that sells original, antique maps mounted on gallery canvas. They decorate each piece to be one of a kind and obviously have a thing for gold leaf and constellation charts. Boasting a collection of over 4,000 unique maps, they can create custom works of any destination and do so quite quickly! If you haven’t run across their feed, do so for the outrageous captions if nothing else. They often describe their brand as never too serious, but always too beautiful.

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Handmade Support Group for Social Media Engagement

Do you need help to increase your Social Media Engagement? I recently created a group called Handmade Support Group for Social Media.

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Handmade Support Group for Social Media


Handmade Support Group for Social Media is a private Facebook support group for Handmade Artists and designers around the Globe. The goal of this group is to provide a community, promote engagement and support for each other on Social Media. We do this by dropping links in a specific threads to share, like, follow, re-pin, re-tweet or comment. By dropping your links you are expected to participate and reciprocate to others as well.

Spamming and Self promotion is not allowed.

Join Handmade Support Group for Social Media today to be a part of a community that promotes and supports each other.

Artisan Inspiration: Air Friend

AirFriend is a small shop in L.A. where magic happens with air plants. You can find all kinds of gold dipped crystal air plant, air plant holder, air planter, air plant terrarium, boho decor, office desk accessories, air plant gift for best friend, long distance boyfriend gift, long distance friendship gift, birthday gift, wedding favor, bridesmaid gift, engagement favor and much more!

Fairy Garden plants, Moss Covered Quartz Crystal Air Plant

This moss covered quartz crystal miniature fairy garden looks so adorable with a live air plant! The whimsical look of this air plant crystal garden makes this a cute desk accessory, rustic shelf decoration, or a woodland gift for that nature lover!

Growing air plant is fun and easy! You don’t need a green thumb to keep your plant healthy and beautiful. Air plants do not need any soil. They thrive on some filtered sunlight, good air circulation, and a couple misting a week. They make wonderful indoor houseplants and add a vibrant touch of green to your fairy garden, mini garden, or forest themed home decor collection.

Air plant is also known for its amazing ability to remove toxic agents in air. This rustic decor can double as a natural air purifier while adding a touch of green to your space. Quartz crystals have long been associated with balance, inspiration, positive energy, and healing.


Artisan Spotlight: Eileen Jewelry

Tell us about yourself
Hi ! I’m Virginie, 33 year old from France. I’m the owner/maker of Eileen Jewelry. I’m a pretty normal girl who loves simple and natural things.  I’m happy to be able to work for myself and do what I love to do everyday, and I hope that my jewelry reflects that 🙂

natural pink arrowhead pendant gold filled necklace
natural pink arrowhead pendant gold necklace

Where are you from  ?

I was raised and lived in Paris until my 28 year old when I left my job and apartment to travel for a year. I always was a big city lover but my trip changed everything. And when I came back from that freedom and exploring, all that I’ve wanted was to keep nature as close to me as possible. I now live outside of Paris surrounded by a beautiful little forest inhabited by shy and cute wildlife.

Twin crystal 14k gold filled necklace
14k twin gold filled necklace

How did you start creating your artwork, and how long have you been doing it ?
I started making my own jewelry 3 years ago when I broke a beautiful necklace bought on Etsy. I couldn’t find it for sale anymore and the shop owner never replied to me when I’ve asked her if she had a repair service. I was bumped because that was my all time favorite necklace. So I’ve told myself that if people can do it, why not me ? So I’ve looked online how to fix it and that was it. I was hooked. I started making and wearing my own necklaces and got compliments from friends and coworkers that finally convinced me to open a shop. And here I am. Turns out bad customer service can sometimes be a blessing 😉

14k gold filled necklace
14k gold filled necklace

Where do you get your inspiration from ?
Sometimes ideas comes out of nowhere, while walking in nature or before I fall asleep, then I have to send myself a note with my phone so the ideas are not lost forever after a good night sleep 😀 Some other time, by playing with my supplies, browsing suppliers shops or looking up for crystal rarities.

stackable ring
Stackable Ring

What do you love most about your craft/business ?
Freedom!  Falling asleep every night relaxed and happy instead of being stressed and exhausted by a day at work. Waking up naturally every morning and not by an awful alarm clock. Getting ready knowing that I can take my time. And then working on orders placed by people that loves what I’m doing and not because they just want the next trendy thing.

If I want the afternoon free to do something else or just to do nothing and enjoy some lazyness, I can just finish up the orders in the morning, go to the post office and then have time for whatever I feel like doing for the rest of the day.
I love the way things are working right now. I feel like « I’ve  made it », but I also feel free. I have enough orders to keep me busy, but not too much so I don’t have time for myself anymore. Which wouldn’t be the point of doing this, I’m not looking for being rich, or making 200 necklaces or rings a day. I want my jewelry to be special and made in small quantities. I want to be able to take the time I need for each piece, so they can be as I would like to received them if they were meant for me. If I’m not happy with something I’ve made, I never hesitate and start again from scratch. No matter the time spent and materials used, I wouldn’t ship something that doesn’t make me happy or that is meant to break after a few days because it was made in a hurry. I’m my own boss and that gives a lot of freedom 😀

natural Crystal Quartz 14k gold filled necklace
natural crystal quartz 14k gold filled necklace

Outside of crafting, what else do you enjoy doing ?
Traveling, walking or being lazy in nature, taking photos of the beautiful spring light, gardening and learning to make new things. I also love to collect old books and have some kind of fetish for first editions. Being outdoor is what I love the most. In summer, I can spend every day outside and I never ever get bored, not doing anything special, just enjoying the elements 🙂

4 ring set Rainbow Moonstone
4 ring set rainbow moonsoon

Is there anything else you would like to share ?
I recently opened a new shop on Etsy called « Stones and Moonlight » where I’ve included everything I love : Natural beads, crystals and stones, my love for plants and their powers, beautiful treasures that I find on my everyday adventures and travels, and my passion for photography.
Whether I use antler tips that comes from natural shed or stones that were brought to me from the other side of the planet, they all carry life and adventures. And I feel lucky and happy to be able to use these unique pieces in my jewelry everyday.

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