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Artisan Inspiration: Air Friend

AirFriend is a small shop in L.A. where magic happens with air plants. You can find all kinds of gold dipped crystal air plant, air plant holder, air planter, air plant terrarium, boho decor, office desk accessories, air plant gift for best friend, long distance boyfriend gift, long distance friendship gift, birthday gift, wedding favor, bridesmaid gift, engagement favor and much more!

Fairy Garden plants, Moss Covered Quartz Crystal Air Plant

This moss covered quartz crystal miniature fairy garden looks so adorable with a live air plant! The whimsical look of this air plant crystal garden makes this a cute desk accessory, rustic shelf decoration, or a woodland gift for that nature lover!

Growing air plant is fun and easy! You don’t need a green thumb to keep your plant healthy and beautiful. Air plants do not need any soil. They thrive on some filtered sunlight, good air circulation, and a couple misting a week. They make wonderful indoor houseplants and add a vibrant touch of green to your fairy garden, mini garden, or forest themed home decor collection.

Air plant is also known for its amazing ability to remove toxic agents in air. This rustic decor can double as a natural air purifier while adding a touch of green to your space. Quartz crystals have long been associated with balance, inspiration, positive energy, and healing.



Artisan Inspiration: NataliyaMalik

My style trend is Handmade Accessories: Felted Scarves, Collars, Shawls, Handbags, Covers, Wall Decor and many more.
Everything that I create, I constitute a pattern and I always count the amount of material since I use only high quality materials. My products are made of wool, natural fabric, natural fiber, water and natural Turkish olive soap and because of these materials; my products easily withstand rain and snow. My products are soft, thin, cloud-like in texture and very long lasting.
Felt is the oldest form of fabric and is becoming popular as people rediscover the versatility and durability of it. Since it may be the oldest fabric known to man, there are many references to felt in ancient writings since it’s not woven and doesn’t require a loom for its production.
The process of felting doesn’t need expensive materials or equipment. Just about anyone can add soapy water to fleece, make a felted mass, control the outcome and then quality felt is achieved through experience and learning. Aside from choosing the best type of fiber for the application, one must consider the layout of fibers for consistent felt, the weight of wool in relation to the area of its distribution to determine shaping, the amount of soap to use and the temperature of water.
It’s hard work, but it’s my passion and one of the things I absolutely love to do, especially when I make them for happy owners!


Handmade in Cleveland, Ohio


Artisan Inspiration: BeauMiracle Jewelry

Handmade jewelry by BeauMiracle – decoupage on wood, polymer clay and fun custom jewelry with a distinctly rustic, bohemian, shabby chic and beachy flair. Summer jewelry, fashion jewelry, and one of a kind pieces.


Green Earrings, Leaves Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Tribal Clay earrings, teardop earring on Sterling Silver Hooks

African Earrings, Africa Woman Earrings, Tribal Large Earrings, Orange and Brown Jewelry

 Summer Fashion Jewelry, Shabby Chic Bracelets, Wood Bangle, Vintage Flowers in Pink and Blue, Eco Friendly, Floral Jewelry Set of 3

Coral Mint Bracelet,  Arrow Neon Bangle, Tribal Geometric Jewelry, Summer Fashion

 Set of Skinny Bangles, Geometry Dark Wood Bracelets in Mustard, Gold, Copper and Black on Dark Wood, Tribal Bangles

 Roses Bracelet, Rustic Brown Bangle, Flower Jewelry, Floral Wood Bangle




Artisan Inspiration: Beautyspot

Vintage style and modern motives in Handmade jewelry by BeautySpot

“Just like 4 years ago we create each our piece from the very start – the idea. Then we find or create the right images, right materials, beads and findings. And then we put it all together and make it real with our hands.
It’s the most exciting part – your have something in your mind and then you do the “magic” work, wait a little bit while resin dries and you already can hold that idea in your hands, turn it into the gift for the dear friend, associate it with some great moments of your life. That’s what handmade is about for us – making and keeping it real.”

 Red Poppy earrings - Bridesmaids jewelry  (E060)

 Mint bird ring - Winter jewelry - Pastel trend - Adjustable ring (R040)

 World Map necklace - Traveler's jewelry (BN014)

 Tribal earrings - Indian deer - Ethnic jewelry  (E098)

 Caramel Leaf earrings  (E031)

 Mandala Ethnic earrings - Tribal jewelry - Tribal earrings (E030)

 Long Green earrings - Autumn jewelry (E034)

 Antler necklace - Deer jewelry - Bones  (BN016)

One of my goals for this blog is to regularly feature handmade products that I like from various artists and independent designers around the world. However, if you would like to share your inspiration, based on a color, theme, e.t.c please contact me here.

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